🇬 : GOAL
Our goal is to provide intelligent products and expert services to our customers to solve their pressing Corporate Learning needs.
To share trends and insights in the Learning Experience that tells our customers what to do next to maintain or improve organizational capabilities.
▪ Be bright & bold
▪ Innovate with confidence
▪ Commit with passion
▪ Deliver with authenticity

▪ Ability: we believe everybody can commit to inspire and make teams feel genuinely excited about the impossible.​
▪ Commitment to excellence: we believe that micromanaging the process is of a much greater advantage that micromanaging the people.
▪ Perseverance: we believe experiments need to happen fast and fail quickly by listening to constructive criticism.
▪ Honesty: we believe that strong relationships can only be created upon transparency and by protecting the privacy of our customers.

The technology stack of our Human Capital data platform, Humd@work, is based on Apache open source products (such as Hadoop, HBase and SOLR) and is unique in the world of big data leading to tremendous technical and business opportunities.
▪ Purpose: live for a purpose, the creation of great products fits into our people their life’s mission.
▪ Agility: have a sponge-like nature, learn how to make something that people want and that is undeniable good.
▪ Determination: we know failure hurts but that it’s the response that matters.
▪ Fairness: our people have a very low tolerance for bad attitudes.

At GapAble, we want the crazy ones to join our team of highly-talented, highly-motivated professionals focused on helping organizations worldwide unlock the unlimited possibilities of their human capital data. You’ll have the opportunity to move fast and try new ideas. 

Send your cv to aurelie.neufkens@gapable.com if you are interested for a position @gapable