H U M A N I Z I N G ​​
T H E   D I G I T A L  L X 



The new-generation employees are more digitally savvy, and they expect a smooth digital experience at each step of their employee journey. The ability to offer a compelling digital experience is a competitive differentiator and, increasingly, a must-have to retain the best and the brightest.

When does an
​employee feels

valued in a DIGITAL LX?

  • When they are remembered by their capabilities, preferences and goals
  • When their time is not filled with plugging in data twice, or asked to fill out irrelevant information
  • When they are recommended something else they might need or like, before they even thought of it
  • When their learning and development efforts are relevant to the company's success


GapAble is designed to create a compelling learning experience for the employee and for the employer who wants to market their contributions to learning to recruit and retain top talent.



C H A L L  E N G E - Many organizations want to create a culture of continuous learning, where on-demand learning experiences are available so that employees can take advantage of not only soft skills and technical training, but photography experiences or anything else that interests them.

S O L U T I O N - GapAble is an intelligent platform designed to create a Netflix-like experience for corporate learners where thousands of engaging, on-demand experiences are available for all employees. With GapAble, each employee gets personalized, data-driven experience recommendations based on career field, job role, skill set and self-selected interests.​ ​GapAble creates a fit between the needs of the employee and the needs of the organization.



C H A L L  E N G E - Organizations find it difficult to gather and analyze information about employees. Through an employee intelligence system, they can gain information about employee details and activities, enabling them to build employee relationships and ultimately improve the human capital decision-making process but there still exist gaps in the know-how.

S O L U T I O N - GapAble provides a source of insight into your employees’ behaviors and experiences. Employees can add compliments and suggestions to learning goals and milestones. Those submissions are feeding the JOURNEY Search Engine rules and building the talent pipeline for future leaders.



C H A L L  E N G E - regular feedback check-ins by managers can create a true “listening environment” for employees while giving leaders critical insight to what’s working and what’s not working in the organization. But too often is providing regular and structured feedback very time-consuming and not an easy and straight forward process. 

S O L U T I O N - GapAble
 gives employees the ability to design an experience and invite co-workers, customers or stakeholders with a QR code to receive feedback through our mobile application. Users can select feedback templates from our pre-defined expertise, skills, competences and qualities database to ensure consistency in performance measurement and evaluation. This feature allows organizations to build comprehensive, and holistic employee profiles to gain a real-time, trending, and complete ability view.

C H A L L  E N G E - Most comapnies want to become a humanized company that focuses on creating partnerships with their employees, and which become more powerful and enduring over time to decrease high turnover rates. They want to capture their people at the core of who they are, and help them carry out in a more authentic and successful way their personal and professional goals.

S O L U T I O N - 
Implementing employee journey analytics our GapAble training needs engine  LEARNING is core to improving the learning experience and driving employer loyalty. We visualize and map the employee journey by persona, optimizing the right journey attributes to increase yields, enabling human captial managers to identify journey bottlenecks and leveraging actual employee behavior data. Our LEARNING egine combined with new learning experience suggestions, organizations are better equipped to make the journey for each individual employee truly authentic.



C H A L L  E N G E - It’s far less expensive – not to mention much easier – to keep existing employees than it is to find and convert new ones. Because of this, employee retention is more important than ever to organizations, especially those that consider employee lifetime value. In order to grow employee retention rates, you need to focus on engaging employees, delighting them with their experience, exceeding their expectations and building their loyalty.​

S O L U T I O N -
Retaining employees requires giving them an excellent employee experience throughout their entire lifecycle by personalizing every interaction. The only way to deliver truly personalized and relevant experiences is by completely understanding your employees. With XOiiD's SUCCESSOR engine employees know their position and that a next horizontal or vertical role awaits them which boosts their self-esteem and self-respect. This enhances their efficacy and value as an employee.



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